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Introducing the 2022 John Deere 1025R Tractor – a versatile and reliable machine designed to tackle a variety of tasks on the farm or property. Jobek Auto Exports LLC is pleased to offer this exceptional tractor at a competitive price of $34,900, providing you with an opportunity to enhance your productivity and efficiency with top-quality equipment.



Key Features:


Robust Construction: The 2022 John Deere 1025R Tractor is built with a rugged and durable construction that's engineered to withstand the rigors of agricultural work. With its reinforced chassis, heavy-duty components, and high-strength materials, this tractor offers unmatched durability and reliability in the field.


Compact Size: Despite its powerful capabilities, the 1025R features a compact size that makes it ideal for navigating tight spaces and maneuvering around obstacles on the farm or property. With its small footprint and agile handling, this tractor offers versatility and flexibility for a variety of applications.


Versatile Functionality: With its versatile design and wide range of attachments, the 1025R is capable of performing a variety of tasks, including mowing, tilling, hauling, and more. Whether you're maintaining a lawn, preparing garden beds, or clearing brush, this tractor offers the versatility and capability to get the job done efficiently.


Comfortable Operator Environment: The John Deere 1025R features a comfortable and ergonomically designed operator station that's engineered for productivity and convenience. With its adjustable seat, intuitive controls, and ergonomic layout, this tractor ensures a comfortable and efficient working environment for operators during long hours in the field.


Advanced Technology Features: Despite its compact size, the 1025R is equipped with advanced technology features to enhance performance, efficiency, and safety on the farm. From its integrated diagnostics system to its intuitive touchscreen display, this tractor offers modern technology solutions to optimize your workflow and minimize downtime.


Competitive Pricing: Jobek Auto Exports LLC is committed to providing our customers with high-quality agricultural equipment at competitive prices. With the 2022 John Deere 1025R Tractor priced at just $34,900, this machine offers exceptional value for farmers and property owners looking to invest in reliable and efficient equipment.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your productivity and efficiency with the 2022 John Deere 1025R Tractor at an unbeatable price. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional machine and how it can benefit your farm or property.


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