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Get To Know Us

Jobek Auto Exports Limited Liability Co, based in New Jersey, USA, is a licensed auction car buying and export service with registration ID: 0450615865. We also operate Jobek Auto Imports Enterprise in Ghana, registered under BN273310321. Unlike traditional dealerships, we do not have a physical location for vehicle display; our advertised cars are located at various auction sites across the US, Canada, and Asia. Our Accra office in Ghana is dedicated to consultations, contract signings, payments, and vehicle pickups upon import clearance, and it functions as the customer service center for both our Ghanaian and American branches.


Empowering your journey, one auction at a time

Jobek Auto uses its auction licenses to offer vehicles below retail prices, boasting access to over 200,000 auction vehicles across America, Canada, and Asia. With exceptional customer service, we are rapidly becoming a top choice for auction car import services. While our primary focus is assisting Africans both locally and in the diaspora, we cater to anyone seeking reputable auction car imports or exports from North America and Asia. Since 2021, our team has been advising clients on the best vehicle options and import budgets. Reach out to us with your desired car and budget, and we promise a seamless purchasing and shipping experience.



We are a registered international business with the appropriate government entities in both Ghana and the United States which can be verified.

At Jobek Auto Exports LLC, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive prices in town, with options starting with a budget of about $5,000 or more.

Hear It From Jobek's CEO

Seth Bekoe

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