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The 2020 Kenworth Construction T680 is a heavy-duty truck specifically designed for construction applications. Renowned for its durability, reliability, and performance, the T680 is a popular choice among construction companies and contractors for hauling heavy loads and equipment to and from job sites.

Key Features:



  • Robust Construction: The Kenworth Construction T680 is built with a sturdy chassis and frame, capable of withstanding the rigors of construction environments. Its rugged construction ensures durability and longevity, even when subjected to heavy loads and rough terrain.

  • Powerful Engine Options: Equipped with a range of powerful engine options, including Cummins and PACCAR engines, the T680 delivers ample horsepower and torque for hauling heavy loads with ease. Its high-performance engines provide excellent acceleration and towing capabilities.

  • Spacious and Comfortable Cabin: The T680 features a spacious and ergonomic cabin designed for driver comfort during long hours on the road. With amenities such as adjustable seating, ample storage, and advanced climate control systems, the cabin provides a comfortable working environment for drivers.

  • Advanced Technology: The 2020 Kenworth Construction T680 is equipped with advanced technology features to enhance safety, efficiency, and connectivity. This includes options such as integrated navigation systems, advanced driver assistance systems, and telematics solutions for fleet management.

  • Customization Options: Kenworth offers a variety of customization options for the T680 to suit specific construction requirements. This includes options for different axle configurations, suspension systems, cab configurations, and more, allowing buyers to tailor the truck to their needs.

  • Safety Features: Safety is a top priority in construction, and the T680 comes equipped with a range of safety features to protect both the driver and cargo. This includes options such as collision mitigation systems, lane departure warning, and advanced braking systems.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Despite its size and power, the T680 is engineered for fuel efficiency, helping to reduce operating costs over the long term. Features such as aerodynamic design, engine efficiency, and fuel-saving technologies contribute to its overall fuel economy.

  • Reliability and Durability: Kenworth trucks are known for their reliability and durability, and the T680 is no exception. Built with high-quality components and materials, the T680 is designed to withstand the demands of construction work and provide years of reliable service.

  • Value for Money: Priced at $70,000, the 2020 Kenworth Construction T680 offers excellent value for money, combining its robust construction, powerful performance, advanced technology, and reliability into an attractive package for construction businesses.

In summary, the 2020 Kenworth Construction T680 priced at $70,000 is a top choice for construction companies and contractors seeking a reliable, durable, and high-performance truck for hauling heavy loads and equipment on construction sites.


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