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(Price includes shipping to Tema, Ghana)




Introducing the 2015 Nissan Forklift – a reliable and efficient solution for your material handling needs. Jobek Auto Exports LLC is pleased to offer this exceptional forklift at a competitive price of $8,900, providing you with the opportunity to enhance productivity and efficiency in your operations with the trusted quality of Nissan.



Key Features:


Dependable Performance: The 2015 Nissan Forklift is built to deliver dependable performance, whether it's loading and unloading pallets in a warehouse or transporting goods in a distribution center. With its robust construction, powerful engine, and precise controls, this forklift ensures smooth and efficient operation in various industrial environments.


Versatile Design: Designed for versatility, the Nissan Forklift is equipped to handle a wide range of materials and tasks with ease. With its adjustable forks, ergonomic controls, and maneuverable design, this forklift offers flexibility and convenience to meet your specific operational needs.


Comfortable Operator Environment: Operator comfort is prioritized in the design of the Nissan Forklift, with a spacious and ergonomic cabin that allows for long hours of operation without fatigue. With adjustable seating, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility, this forklift provides a comfortable and productive working environment for operators.


Efficient Fuel Economy: Powered by an efficient engine, the Nissan Forklift offers impressive fuel economy to help minimize operational costs and reduce environmental impact. Whether operating indoors or outdoors, this forklift ensures optimal performance while maximizing fuel efficiency for cost-effective operation.


Reliable Safety Features: Safety is paramount in the Nissan Forklift, with a range of reliable features designed to protect operators and bystanders in the workplace. From integrated safety systems to robust construction and advanced braking technology, this forklift offers peace of mind and confidence in every operation.


Competitive Pricing: At Jobek Auto Exports LLC, we are committed to offering high-quality industrial equipment at competitive prices. With the 2015 Nissan Forklift priced at $8,900, this forklift represents exceptional value for businesses seeking reliable performance, versatility, and efficiency in their material handling operations.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your operations with the reliable and efficient 2015 Nissan Forklift at an unbeatable price. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration or learn more about this exceptional industrial equipment.



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