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(Price includes shipping to Tema, Ghana) 




Presenting the 2012 Hyundai Accent MD - a reliable and efficient sedan that perfectly blends practicality with affordability. Jobek Auto Exports LLC is delighted to offer this exceptional vehicle at an unbeatable price of $5,832, providing you with an excellent opportunity to own a quality car without breaking the bank.



Key Features:


Sleek and Practical Design: The 2012 Hyundai Accent MD features a sleek exterior design with clean lines and modern accents, making it a stylish choice for your daily commute. Its compact size and aerodynamic profile not only enhance its appearance but also improve fuel efficiency for a cost-effective driving experience.


Efficient Performance: Equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, the 2012 Hyundai Accent MD delivers impressive performance while maximizing fuel economy. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, this sedan offers a smooth and responsive ride without compromising on efficiency.


Spacious Interior: Step inside the Hyundai Accent MD to discover a surprisingly spacious interior that provides ample room for passengers and cargo. With comfortable seating and thoughtful storage solutions, this sedan ensures a comfortable and convenient driving experience for you and your passengers.


Modern Convenience Features: Stay connected and entertained on the go with the Hyundai Accent MD's modern convenience features. From its intuitive infotainment system to its convenient controls and amenities, this sedan is designed to enhance your driving experience and make every journey enjoyable.


Dependable Performance: Built with Hyundai's renowned reputation for reliability and durability, the 2012 Accent MD offers dependable performance that you can count on. Whether you're commuting to work or running errands around town, this sedan delivers a reliable and worry-free driving experience.




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