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(Price includes shipping to Tema, Ghana)



The 2011 KIA Bongo 3 Single Cab, a versatile and reliable vehicle designed to meet the demands of your business or personal transportation needs. Jobek Auto Export LLC is proud to showcase this exceptional model on our website, offering you a reliable and efficient solution for your automotive requirements.


Key Features:

  • Robust Design: The KIA Bongo 3 Single Cab is built with a sturdy and durable frame, ensuring it can handle the challenges of various terrains and demanding work conditions. Its robust design makes it a trustworthy companion for your business endeavors.


  • Spacious Single Cab: With a thoughtfully designed single cab, this vehicle provides ample space for the driver and passenger, offering a comfortable and functional interior. The ergonomically designed cabin ensures a pleasant driving experience, whether you're on a short commute or a long-haul journey.


  • Reliable Performance: Powered by a dependable engine, the KIA Bongo 3 Single Cab delivers reliable performance and fuel efficiency. This vehicle is engineered to provide a smooth and responsive driving experience, making it an excellent choice for both professional and personal use.


  • Cargo Capacity: Tailored for practicality, the KIA Bongo 3 Single Cab offers a generous cargo bed, allowing you to transport goods and equipment with ease. Its versatile cargo space makes it an ideal solution for businesses in need of a reliable utility vehicle.


  • Advanced Safety Features: Prioritizing your safety, this KIA model comes equipped with advanced safety features to enhance protection on the road. From airbags to stability control, the KIA Bongo 3 is designed to keep you and your passengers secure.


  • User-Friendly Features: The vehicle is equipped with user-friendly features, including intuitive controls and modern amenities. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring off-road terrain, the KIA Bongo 3 Single Cab offers a comfortable and convenient driving experience.


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