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(Price includes shipping to Tema, Ghana)





Introducing the 2008 Hyundai E-County – a reliable and efficient commercial vehicle designed to meet the demands of your business needs. Jobek Auto Exports LLC is pleased to offer this exceptional vehicle at a competitive price of $16,000, providing you with an opportunity to enhance your fleet with a durable and cost-effective solution.



Key Features:


Robust Commercial Design: The 2008 Hyundai E-County boasts a robust and practical design, making it ideal for various commercial applications such as transportation, delivery, and passenger services. With its durable construction and spacious interior, this vehicle offers versatility and reliability for your business operations.


Ample Seating Capacity: Equipped with ample seating capacity, the E-County provides comfortable transportation for passengers or goods, ensuring efficient and hassle-free journeys. Whether you're transporting passengers or cargo, this vehicle offers ample space and comfort for all occupants.


Efficient Performance: Powered by a reliable engine, the Hyundai E-County delivers efficient performance and fuel economy, helping you save on operational costs while maximizing productivity. With its responsive handling and smooth ride, this vehicle offers a comfortable driving experience for both drivers and passengers.


Versatile Applications: The E-County is designed to adapt to a variety of commercial applications, thanks to its flexible interior layout and customizable features. Whether you need to transport passengers, goods, or equipment, this vehicle offers the versatility and functionality to meet your business requirements.


Dependable Reliability: Built with Hyundai's reputation for reliability and durability, the E-County ensures dependable performance and longevity, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs for your business. With regular servicing and proper care, this vehicle will continue to serve your business needs for years to come.


Competitive Pricing: Jobek Auto Exports LLC is committed to providing our customers with high-quality commercial vehicles at competitive prices. With the 2008 Hyundai E-County priced at just $16,000, this vehicle offers exceptional value for businesses looking to invest in reliable and efficient transportation solutions.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business operations with the 2008 Hyundai E-County at an unbeatable price. Contact us today to schedule a test drive or learn more about this versatile and reliable commercial vehicle.


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