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Below are a few answers to commonly asked customer questions. Please take a minute to go through them before contacting us to enable us to serve you quickly. Thanks


What are the steps for buying a vehicle from Jobek?

Step 1. Register by clicking on the CONTACT form and complete it in its entirety. Once we receive your form, we will communicate with you to advise you regarding your budget and the car you can realistically get within that budget.

Step 2. After we agree on the budget, we will send you the contract and invoice. If you agree and sign the contract and make your 20% deposit or full payment into our bank account locally in Ghana or wire it into our USA business account.

Step 3. We will then send you pictures of the cars available for sale that week within your budget for you to make a selection. [We do not buy any vehicles without first consulting you for your approval].

Step 4. We will then buy you your desired car. After the purchase, your remaining balance will be DUE IN 48 hours or late fees will be applied. After balance is cleared, we will then ship your vehicle.

Step 5. If you elect to pay the commission at the port, you will pay us our commission and pay for the cost to take our name of the vehicle documents at this point and work with our recommended agents to clear your car from the port IF you want to use our independent recommended clearing agents. You can use your own agent if you have someone you prefer.

Step 6. Take delivery and enjoy your car and give us a video or written testimonial/review so we can help others too.


How do I pay for my vehicle?

After our initial engagement, if you find a vehicle that you would like to purchase, we require a 20% REFUNDABLE commitment deposit which will be applied toward your vehicle purchase if you go through with the transaction. However, if we start the purchase process and you fail to allow us a minimum of 3 weeks to get you your desired vehicle, you will lose a portion of your deposit as service fee which will be a minimum of $100. We accept the following payment methods: Cash Deposits to Jobek Bank Accounts in Ghana or USA, Wire Transfers or PayPal (plus fees). Account details will be provided to you on your invoice. 

Can I pay for a vehicle in installment and pick up my car when I finish the payment?

YES! Jobek currently don’t offer pre-financing. However, you can set up a signed installment payment plan and pay over an agreed period. Once your balance is cleared, we will purchase you a vehicle and you can come and pick up your vehicle.  **Terms and conditions apply**

What is your Refund Policy?

We require 3 weeks minimum prior notice before we can issue you a full refund without penalty. However, we do understand that life happens so if you change your mind before the 3 weeks minimum required period, we will refund your money to you minus a minimum of $100 service fee. However, if we are unable to find you the desired vehicle in 3 weeks, we will issue you a FULL REFUND upon request without charge unless any applicable wire transfers have already taken place. If that happens, we will issue a partial refund minus applicable wire transfer related charges. Details will spell out in the purchase agreement.



Do you provide shipping?

Yes! Although most vehicles will cost less than $2000 to ship to most African countries, we recommend a budget of $2000 because we must pay to transport your vehicle from the auction to the shipping warehouse before it is shipped to your home country and these charges cannot be predetermined until we book the transaction. We have a business relationship with reputable international shipping companies that can ship to any African country and other parts of the world. 

How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

The current estimated shipping duration from the United States and Asia to most African countries is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

How do I know the duty and port charges for my vehicle?

Please refer to the recommended clearing agents section of our website and send the VIN, year, make, and model of your vehicle to any one of our recommended agents for a quote. Feel free to send it to as many of them as possible to get a good deal. 



Jobek Auto Auction Car Exports and Imports Services prides itself on honesty and dependability so your financial safety while dealing with us is of paramount priority. Whiles, we use all of our social media platforms to communicate and engage with potential clients, all official purchase-related communication relating to invoices, wire transfer details, receipts, tracking details, etc. will be conducted through our official email addresses: or



Where are you located in Ghana?

Jobek Auto Imports

2nd Floor Takyiwaa Plaza

(Opposite Standard Chartered Bank)

Spintex Road, Accra

Digital Address: GT-347-4312

Google Maps: or GOOGLE Jobek Auto Imports on your Google Map App.

Phone: +233 (0)50 286 1238

WhatsApp: +233 (0)50 286 1243

To ensure excellent customer service, we advise that you schedule an appointment ahead by calling customer service so we can ensure an efficient use of your time.

Can you test drive a vehicle before buying it?

Auction rules do not permit a test drive, but we do provide a basic vehicle history report which details any potential problems with the vehicle before you make your final decision. A detailed report compiled by an experienced and licensed mechanic can be purchased at a fee if you are interested. We do not guarantee that a vehicle you buy from us may be free of certain undetected deficiencies.

Why do you have a limited selection of cars in your inventory?

With access to over 200,000 vehicles at the auction and the open United States market, it is simply impossible to post every vehicle on our website or social media. We post samples of what we have access to on our website and social media handles to show what we can offer. If we don't have it in stock, we can work with our partners to get you your dream car.


Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We offer a $25 referral bonus. In order to qualify for our referral bonus, you MUST like and follow us on all our social media pages and refer to us customers who actually buy from us. The customer MUST indicate at the time of payment that you referred them and provide us with your name, mobile money provider, and mobile money number. Once the sale is final, we will send you $25 as thank you for sending us a customer.

What is the difference between a salvage vehicle and a clean vehicle and what do you recommend?

A clean title is one you would receive in most cases when you purchase a vehicle that has never been involved in flood or accident. A brand-new vehicle has a clean title and most used vehicles that can be driven safely and are insurable are also considered clean. Insurance companies will insure a vehicle with a clean title for its value. You can also take it to the DMV/DVLA to register your vehicle and receive new plates.

A salvage title on the other hand is given when a vehicle is no longer drivable due to an accident or flood. They are often written off as a total loss by the insurance company. The insurance provider paid the value of the vehicle, and it was taken to a salvage company. A salvage title means the vehicle is not safe to be driven and in most states, it is illegal to drive. The vehicle can’t be registered or insured. It also has very little resale value, and it is still damaged. In addition, a car with a damaged odometer or one that has been tampered with may be considered salvage. Hail, flood, and fire damage can all result in a vehicle being given a salvage title.

We DO NOT recommend buying salvaged vehicles although we do have access to thousands of them and can help you buy one and arrange for repairs. However, in the end, the amount you will end up spending on repairs and the potential problems you might experience down the road makes buying a clean vehicle the BEST OPTION.

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